IR lamps with low glare coating

JHA 235V 1000W 280 BFU3
JHA 235V 1500W 280 BFU3
JHA 235V 2000W 280 BFU2

JHB 235V 1000W 280 BfH
JHB 235V 1000W 280 RsH
JHB 235V 1300W 185 RsH
JHB 235V 1500W 280 BfH
JHB 235V 1500W 280 RsH
JHB 235V 2000W 280 BfH


fast response short to medium wave IR 1.6 µm peak  wavelength matches to drying process for surface and/or thin
materials in plastics, textile, automotive, printing industry
JHM 235V 1000W 272 BfU
JHM 235V 1000W 272 JU
JHM 235V 1500W 280 BfU
JHM 235V 1500W 280 JU
JHM 235V 2000W 280 JU
JHM 400V 2000W 410 JU
JHM 400V 3000W 700 BfU
JHM 400V 3000W 700 JU

Clear & Ruby
JHD 240V 300W 160BH Clear
JHD 240V 500W 160BH Clear
JHD 235V 1000W 272BH Clear
JHD 240V 1000W 270BrH Ruby
JHD 240V 1500W 270BrH Ruby
JHD 240V 2000W 270BrH Ruby

low color temperature for infrared cabin
JHT 235v 350w 550 BfU
JHT 235v 500w 700 BfU
JHT 235v 750w 700 BfU

medium wave IR heaters
white reflector, tube size 23 X 11 mm
JKDC 230V 500W 400 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 800W 500 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 1000W 600 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 1200W 700 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 1400W 800 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 1600W 900 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 1800W 1000 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 2000W 900 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 2000W 1100 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 2200W 1200 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 2400W 1300 S11W3H
JKDC 230V 2500W 1100 S15W3H
JKDC 230V 2750W 1200 S15W3H

diameter 10 mm Standard
JHQ 235V 1000W 280 BfH
JHQ 235V 1000W 280 JU
JHQ 235V 1500W 280 BfH
JHQ 235V 2000W 280 BfH
JHQ 235V 2000W 280 BfU
JHQ 235V 2000W 280 JU2
JHQ 400V 2000W 410 JU1
JHQ 400V 3000W 700 JU

Ultra low glare
JHR 235V 500W 165 BsH
JHR 235V 500W 280 BsH
JHR 120V 1000W 280 BsH
JHR 235V 1000W 280 BsH
JHR 235V 1000W 280 BsU
JHR 120V 1500W 280 BsH
JHR 235V 1500W 280 BsH
JHR 235V 1500W 280 BsU
JHR 235V 2000W 280 BsH
JHR 235V 2000W 280 BsU
JHR 235V 1000W 260 RU
JHR 235V 1000W 260 RH
JHR 235V 1300W 205 RU
JHR 235V 1300W 205 RH
JHR 235V 1000W 280 JU
JHR 235V 1000W 280 JH
JHR 235V 2000W 280 JU
JHR 235V 2000W 280 JH
JHR 400V 2000W 410 JU
JHR 400V 2000W 410 JH
JHR 400V 3000W 700 JU
JHR 400V 3000W 700 JH
JHR 235V 1000W 265 GwH
JHR 235V 1000W 280 GwU
JHR 235V 1500W 265 GwU

Short Wave Infrared Halogen Lamps for Industry

JHS 230V 300W 60 RsH
JHT 120V 375W 128.6 RsH
JHS 240V 500W 160 RH
JHS 235V 500W 165 BfH
JHC 235V 500W 165 BfH
JHS 240V 700W 150 BfH1
JHS 235V 1000W 272 JH
JHC 235V 1000W 272 JH
JHS 235V 1000W 272 JU
JHC 235V 1000W 272 JU
JHC 220V 1000W 210 BfH-QIR 220/250-1000-NISSEI ASB
JHC 235V 1000W 272 BfH-2JHC105-SIDEL-13195Z/98
JHC 235V 1000W 272 BfU-2JHC015-Philips-13713/Z98
JHC 235V 1000W 272 BfU1-2JHC021-ADS
JHT 240V 1000W 254 MH
JHC 144V 1200W 155 JcH-2JHC068-13561Y/98-SIG/KRUPP
JHC 144V 1200W 155 BfH-2JHC034-13561Z/98-SIG/KRUPP
JHC 235V 1200W 155 BfH1-2JHC067-14134Z/98-SIG/KRUPP
JHC 220V 1500W 350 BfH-QIR 220-1500-NISSEI ASB
JHC 144V 1600W 155 JcH-2JHC060-13568Y/98-SIG/KRUPP
JHC 144V 1600W 155 BfH-2JHC035-13568Z/98-SIG/KRUPP
JHC 235V 1600W 155 BfH1-2JHC066-14135Z/98-SIG/KRUPP
JHS 208V 1600W 406 MH
JHS 240V 1600W 406 MH
JHS 277V 1600W 406 MH
JHC 220V 2000W 210 BfH QIR 220/250-2000-NISSEI ASB
JHC 235V 2000W 280 BfH SIPA 13213Z/98F
JHC 235V 2000W 280 BH2 SIDEL 13213Z/98F
JHC 235V 2000W 280 BfH2 14103Z/98
JHC 235V 2000W 280 BfH4 14136Z/98-SIG/KRUPP
JHC 235V 2000W 280 BfU SIDEL 13168Z/98
JHC 235V 2000W 280 BfU1 ADS
JHC 230V 2000W 500 BfH SIPA-13214Z/98
JHS 235V 2000W 280 TU
JHS 235V 2000W 280 JU
JHS 240V 2000W 254 MU
JHS 277V 2000W 254 MH
JHS 400V 2000W 410 JU
JHC 400V 2000W 410 JU
JHS 235V 2200W 283 TU1
JHC 235V 2500W 280 BfH1
JHS 235V 2500W 280 TU
JHC 235V 2500W 280 BfH3-14137Z/98-SIG/KRUPP
JHC 400V 2500W 280 BH KRONES 14143Z/98
JHC 400V 2500W 315 BH : SIDEL 00000133665 : 14106Z/98
JHC 400V 2500W 500 NH SMI-14140C/98
JHT 480V 2500W 635 MH
JHS 480V 2500W 635 MH
JHS 235V 3000W 280 TU
JHS 235V 3000W 280 JU
JHS 235V 3000W 280 BfH
JHS 400V 3000W 280 JU
JHC 400V 3000W 280 BH-2JHC097-KRONES-14144Z/98
JHC 400V 3000W 315 BH : SIDEL 00000133669 : 14111Z/98
JHC 400V 3000W 500 NH SMI 14156C/98
JHC 235V 3000W 280 BH SIPA 14121Z/98
JHC 235V 3000W 700 BfH2 SIPA 14107Z/98
JHS 400V 3000W 410 JU
JHC 235V 3000W 700 BfH1
JHS 400V 3000W 700 JU
JHC 400V 3000W 700 JU
JHS 240V 3200W 813 MH
JHS 277V 3200W 813 MH
JHS 570V 3800W 965 MH
JHS 570V 3800W 965 MU
JHS 480V 4600W 235 TH
JHS 480V 6000W 290 TH
JHS 380V 8000W 259 TH

TOSHIBA Short Wave Halogen Emitters
JHT 110V 500W 142BH Translucent
JHS 235V 500W 165BH Clear
JHC 235V 500W 165BH Coated Reflector
JHS 235V 1000W 272BH Clear
JHS 235V 1000W 272BU Clear
JHC 235V 1000W 272BH Coated Reflector
JHC 235V 1000W 272BU Coated Reflector
JHS 240V 1200W 406BH Clear
JHS 235V 2000W 280BH Clear
JHS 235V 2000W 280BU Clear
JHC 235V 2000W 280BH Coated Reflector
JHC 235V 2000W 280BU Coated Reflector
JHC 400V 2000W 410BU Coated Reflector
JHC 230V 2000W 500BH Coated Reflector
JHC 235V 2500W 280BH Coated Reflector
JHC 235V 3000W 280BH Coated Reflector
JHC 230V 3000W 700BH Coated Reflector
JHS 400V 3000W 700BH Clear
JHS 240V 1000W 254TH Clear
JHS 144V 1200W 150TH Clear
JHC 144V 1200W 150TH Coated Reflector
JHS 240V 1600W 406TH Clear
JHT 240V 1600W 406TH Translucent
JHS 240V 2000W 254TU Clear
JHS 235V 2000W 280TU Clear
JHS 235V 2500W 280TU Clear
JHS 480V 2500W 635TH Clear
JHS 235V 3000W 280TU diam. 12mm Clear
JHS 400V 3000W 280TU Clear
JHS 575V 3800W 965TU Clear
JHS 120V 500W 142RH Clear
JHT 120V 500W 142RH Translucent
JHS 235V 500W 165RH Clear
JHS 235V 1000W 260RH Clear
JHS 235V 1000W 260RU Clear
JHS 240V 1000W 270RH Clear
JHS 120V 500W 142 JH Clear
JHC 120V 500W 142JH Coated Reflector
JHS 235V 1000W 272JH Clear
JHS 235V 1000W 272JU Clear
JHC 235V 1000W 272JH Coated Reflector
JHC 235V 1000W 272JU Coated Reflector
JHS 235V 2000W 280JH Clear
JHS 235V 2000W 280JU Clear
JHC 235V 2000W 280JH Coated Reflector
JHC 235V 2000W 280JU Coated Reflector
JHS 400V 2000W 280JU Clear
JHS 400V 2000W 410JH Clear
JHS 400V 2000W 410JU Clear
JHC 400V 2000W 410JH Coated Reflector
JHC 400V 2000W 410JU Coated Reflector
JHS 235V 3000W 280JU diam. 12mm Clear
JHS 400V 3000W 280JU Clear
JHS 400V 3000W 410JU Clear
JHS 400V 3000W 700JH Clear
JHS 400V 3000W 700JU Clear
JHC 400V 3000W 700JU Coated Reflector